Workplace Safety Above All Else: A Core Value Spotlight

There are so many ways KAW employees practice safety in the workplace, though some are more visible than others. If you’ve visited us in person you’ve seen the safety glasses and ear plugs that we wear each time we go into the shop or tank cleaning bays. You may even have donned some of this […]

KAW Core Values

At KAW Services we recently took a good long look at what drives us. We’re a family-owned company. We’re a small business. We’ve been in operation for nearly 90 years. We are truly special in the bulk transport industry.

Preventive Truck Maintenance for Dummies

Everyone knows it’s better to pay for a flu shot now than take a week off for the bug later. Did you know there are flu shots for your rig too? They’re called preventive maintenance programs. And just like our own health, the health of your equipment can be kept in good shape too with […]

Truck vs Train: Which comes out on top?

Freight transportation represents a large slice of the American GDP. In 2015, spending in the industry totaled $1.48 trillion according to Select USA. With so much riding on freight, it’s no wonder people have strong opinions about it. And there are few debates that near the intensity of the truck vs. rail question. Should we […]

The Food Hauler’s Guide to Kosher

Kosher foods are worth $12.5 billion every year and only growing. But what exactly does “kosher” mean? Whether you’re new to hauling kosher or already a seasoned pro, consider this the tank driver’s guide to one of the hottest – and most lucrative — food trends out there.     The Basics You already know that […]